Mid Year 2020 Stock Market & Economic Review and Strategy Update

From the Worst First Quarter for the Stock Market since 2008 to the Best Quarter Since 1998


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The #1 question and concern we are receiving now is regarding the upcoming Presidential election. With heightened tensions around the country and an even more polarizing election coming up, how will the stock market react? 

We have dedicated an "Election 2020" section to discuss the range of potential outcomes as well as a discussion in our Strategy update section.

We will also be discussing ”What will the second half of 2020 present?”
These and other vital questions will be answered in our Midyear 2020 Market Update and Strategy webinar.
Other questions we will be discussing are:
  • Another question we continue to get is, "How can the market continue to go higher despite the terrible fundamentals?"
  • Which sectors should I be buying and which should I avoid like the plague for the second half of 2020? 
  • What may happen to the markets if a Democratic president is elected?
  • What will be included in the next stimulus bill?
  • How close are we to actually getting a vaccine for COVID-19?
  • Plus a lot more...
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  • Matthew Gaude & Shawn McGuire

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